Serenity Campaign Information:


12/13/07 11:47pm PST - Added Bounty Class system under Backstory.
12/11/07 06:41pm PST - Fixed Newhall in the Detailed Report, changed the Verse orbit view pictures.

Sector Report

The 'Verse(Detailed Report)
(Version 1.51, filler objects will be added later but for now all planets and moons mentioned in detail in the book are there.)

Verse 1 - View of the main star in the Verse and its planets.

Verse 2 - View of the Verse's second star and its planets.

Verse 2a - The second star in the Verse's companion star and its planets.

Verse 3 - The third main star in the Verse and its planets.

(Coming soon, information you should know before playing.)

Ship - Meteor

Start Date: August 10th, 2518 12:42pm

(None of these were written by me unless otherwise noted. PDF format.)

Speed Class Speeds:
(Meters per Second, also made to work with the verse map above.)

Speed Class 14: 210 m/s
Speed Class 13: 195 m/s
Speed Class 12: 180 m/s
Speed Class 11: 165 m/s
Speed Class 10: 150 m/s
Speed Class 09: 135 m/s
Speed Class 08: 120 m/s
Speed Class 07: 105 m/s
Speed Class 06: 090 m/s
Speed Class 05: 075 m/s
Speed Class 04: 060 m/s
Speed Class 03: 045 m/s
Speed Class 02: 030 m/s
Speed Class 01: 015 m/s